• A short interview!

    Gilmore Crosby

    Author, coach, teacher, speaker, grandfather, explorer, consultant.


    Welcome to my website. I've been helping individuals, teams and entire organizations reach their potential since 1984. I've been blessed with wise mentors, and willing and loyal customers. I love what I do and give thanks each and every day.

  • My latest book!

    “Gil Crosby has accomplished what most of us in the world of applied behavioral science, in general, and OD and T-Group training, in particular, have not—making the theoretical father of our work accessible. Thus, this book is a gift and with it we can understand more deeply and teach others more accurately what Lewin actually stated and meant. Moreover, the book is reader-friendly, visually appealing, and humorous rather than academically boring. Thank you, Gil!”


    Dr. W. Warner Burke

    My 3rd book!

    A cross-cultural collaboration exploring the theories and methods of Kurt Lewin and Edwin Friedman by applying them to the life of a legendary Malaysian businessman!

    Co-authored with Julian Goh!

    My 2nd Book

    This book outlines the systems approach to leadership that I have been learning and teaching the past 30+ years. You can change yourself and your organization following the principles within.

    Based on the leadership model of Edwin Friedman!

    My 1st Book

    First published in 2008, this third edition draws on rich sources to take you on a journey to develop yourself and your organization.

    A great self-development book, based on the theories supporting our industry adapted T-group workshops.

    Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development

    On-line Leadership Development Course

    Rated highly by students from 16 countries!

    My unique approach to EQ and Leadership is based heavily on the work of Kurt Lewin, John Wallen, Edwin Friedman.

    Crosby & Associates

    Working closely with my brother Chris (left) and my father (center) has been and continues to be another blessing.

    It doesn't get any better, both in terms of the quality and lasting impact of the services we provide, and the camaraderie we share.

    Global Reach

    My brother Chris and I take a break while working with an Egyptian management team.

    Global and cross-cultural. Click on the picture for a partial list of our customers.

  • T-group workshops!

    Both virtual and in person!

    Starting with dad's first T-group in 1953 we have been exploring and applying the Lewin's experiential method ever since!

  • PECO Nuclear Case Study

    Read this pdf to learn about the our unique whole systems work culture change methods.

  • Feature Video: The Interpersonal Gap

  • The Interpersonal Gap

    This is my favorite theory and that's saying a lot! I am a collector and synthesizer of practical theories that individuals and organizations can apply easily and immediately. As Kurt Lewin, the father of Organization Development, once said:

    "There's nothing so practical as a good theory."

    Everyone on the planet should know The Interpersonal Gap by Dr. John Wallen. You can decrease conflict and misunderstanding at home and at work with this practical theory.

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    Download the first three chapters of Fight, Flight, Freeze:

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